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Re: FTP Transfer Slow - Seeing tcp ports 5001 & 5011

It this passive or active FTP mode?

FTP Transfer Slow - Seeing tcp ports 5001 & 5011

Using 4.3.5 on Win 2008 Server R2. File transfers are unusually slow. With Wireshark sniffer we see packets using tcp ports 5001 and 5011 in-between the ftp-data packets on the wire. In the past these were associated with a trojan or backdoor. We have a vendor that set this up - could use of these port numnbers be customized port numbers? Or something we should be concerned about?

5001 [commplex-link] Back Door Setup, Sockets des Troie
5011 [telelpathattack] One of the Last Trojans - OOTLT, One of the Last Trojans - OOTLT, modified

On a gig link each 3000 byte chunk of data takes about 45ms to transfer where 5001 and 5011 are doing ACKS between chunks.