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Thanks for the info. As to why not SFTP... simply because it is not turned on on the server we upload to. And we are not in a position to turn it on. Office/corporate politics and religious wars prevent it, if you know what I mean.

Not a huge deal. We just SCP to a tmp sub-directory than do a move. It'd just be nice to have it be a one step process.

Thanks again. Appreciate the response and the fine work you do on WinSCP.

Re: Transfer to temporary filename (.filepart) support with SCP

It can be added to SCP as well. But it would require complete rewrite of uploading functionality. And to be honest I'm not planning to spend too much time with SCP anymore.

Why don't you use SFTP?

Transfer to temporary filename (.filepart) support with SCP

As near as I can tell from the documentation, transfer to a temporary filename (.filepart) "is supported with SFTP protocol only and only for binary transfers." Out of curiosity, is there a reason this is not (or cannot be) supported with SCP? If it is not a protocol limitation, would it possible to add support for this for SCP in WinSCP?