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Please insert any command that prints anything after the put (before exit). Like "option batch".
Also put echo command after in your batch file.
And post a screenshot again. Thanks.

here is my script.. pretty simple and works for the rest of the people i do SFTP too not sure why it is not putting in a line feed..

option batch on
option confirm off
open 31Edmond
put C:\Facilities\31_Edmond_Baptist\Reports\*.* /inbound/prod/emond/

see :) simple.. launching from a batch file that looks like this

@echo off /command /script="C:\Facilities\31_Reports\Scripts\reports.txt"


I don't see anything wrong to be honest...

Re: SFTP Upload forcing me to confirm transfer.

The prompt does not come from WinSCP.
Though it is strange that there's no line feed after the transfer progress from WinSCP. Have the script finished correctly?

SFTP Upload forcing me to confirm transfer.

I've written several scripts to upload files to remote sftp servers for various customers but my newest one is forcing me to confirm the upload with a y/n when none of my others are.. Not a hard script as seen below so am wondering is this forcing me to confirm and have to touch the upload manually coming from their side or is this something i can suppress on my side? Very annoying ;P

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