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hmmm..what about giving the password box its own window instead of just being a dialog box?

or some shortcuts to open/close/bring to front the password dialog windows?

I mean whats effectively happens is that for some reason the main window ends up covering the dialog box making it inaccessible and at same time causes the main window to lock up so it can't be moved.

Re: None Blocking Password Prompt

Yes it is possible. But it is not an easy change.

So is this possible?

Also I'd like to add that multiple tabs is effectively becomes useless because once 1 session disconnects and requires password, the entire main window is locked so you can't use any of the sessions until dealing with that 1 session.

None Blocking Password Prompt

It is really annoying after hibernating or after a lengthy disconnect all the internal text editor windows become inaccessible due to the password prompt window. The main window also becomes inaccessible which is annoying.

And sometimes the dialog doesn't even show so you have to force close WinSCP. I can interact with the main window by doing things like ALT+F and etc but I can't click on anything or open up another password prompt window to log back in so I am forced to force close WinSCP.

Also option for integrating password request box into the main window would be nice too.