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If you send me the logs, I can check.


I have tons of log entries, but they all seem to be running at separate times. I just started two sceduled tasks that reference 2 scripts which start a winscp session each. only one of the tasks logged an entry and the other was 0x1 in the "last run result".

It's like server 2008 doesn't like to run multiple winscps.

any ideas? have you or anyone else tried this on server 2008?

Re: Automating multiple transfers server 2008 R2

Can you post a log file for failed simultaneous transfer?

Automating multiple transfers server 2008 R2

Hi all,

Please forgive me if this issue is resolved, but this dilemma is similar to these topics:

Only I need the ability to take make multiple simultaneous transfers with the command line.

I am currently using windows task scheduler to run several separate powershell scripts at separate intervals, but when a second task overlaps the first task, it closes immediately with an 0x1 error code.

What is throwing me off is I can open the same session several times and run the scripts manually and have simultaneous transfers. I think this should work, but server 2008 must not like opening/running winscp at the same time, even though i have one tasks for each script.

Any workarounds are very welcome,

Thank you very much in advance.