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Re: possible? Put file & containing directories from Root

I'm not sure I undwerstand. Are you editing files in Dreamweaver and uploading them with WinSCP? Or are you comparing how you work with Dreamwaver vs. WinSCP?

possible? Put file & containing directories from Root

So I don't know what to say it is that I want... I can describe it...

When working on my work computer using Dreamweaver CS4 / CS5 the files that I modify and then put to server are put into the proper directory relative to /root and if the server doesn't have them (say I nested a modified.html file in a series of directories during a reorganization) the directories are added to /root

From what I know of WinSCP, when I put a file (drag / drop) I have to move the file directly into the directory in which I want it to land... if I don't then I have put modified.html files into wrong directory. While yes I could drag the parent directory each time (e.g. root/products/big-widgets/modified.html) that would mean redundancy or possible error when the directories already have existing files...

I tried reading Wiki on WinSCPbut got lost in wading through all that I already understood about program and didn't have an effective way of search for what it is I'm hoping to have happen.

Input please?

working from home....