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winscp competes with Eclipse for connection

traces from debug version show how Eclipse and WinSCP compete to connect to Unix device.

Re: WinSCP will not connect to remote host

Thanks for your post. I have sent you an email with debug version.

WinSCP will not connect to remote host

Monday Morning, WinSCP has been running over the weekend but the (USB) host it was connected to on Friday is un-plugged. Plug it in and attempt to connect, WinSCP says no, "Out of buffer space". It has also killed Eclipse's ability to remotely connect to the same host. Re-start Eclipse, no joy. Restart WinSCP, everything now fine.
This is WinSCP 4.3.5 build 1463 running on Win XP Pro 2002 SP3 on Dell with E5400 CPU.
Since upgrade to this release WinSCP does not happily co-exist with Eclipse to the same development host - they seem to impede one another in making the connection, which was not the case with the long-stable release the latest flurry of releases replaces (4.3.2 build 1201).