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Re: How to start WinSCP window maximized ?

I'm stuck with this buglet.
Meanwhile, krusader seems like a very useful alternative.

How to start WinSCP window maximized ?

I start WinSCP either from Start menu, or by Desktop shortcut. Using 4.3.5 (Build 1463)
Both methods have properties set to Run Maximized, rather than Normal Window.
After selecting a server at WinSCP Login window, then click at Login, the next window is NOT maximized.
But if I Alt-Spacebar, WinSCP incorrectly thinks this window is maximized.
So I must Alt-Spacebar, Restore, then Alt-Spacebar, Maximize to get this window maximized correctly.
After a while, this routine gets annoying.
Any tips or clues for how to make it work optimally ?