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Re: WINSCP hangs at startup after logging into SSH (SFTP).

Can you please try 5.0.5 beta?
Bob Selby

WINSCP hangs at startup after logging into SSH (SFTP).

Hi, I had a search for this but couldn't find much that was relevant.

I have an SFTP server running on a linux server that uses certificate based authentication.

Quite often when I start WINSCP it appears to login OK but hangs without displaying the directory windows. I have to terminate the process and restart the program several times before it runs OK. Once its running it is fine.

I have attached a copy of a working and failing log file (both slightly sanitized).

I'm pretty sure this didn't happen with an older version - but not sure which.

Remote host is Freesco running opensshd 3.7.1
Local is running XP + SP3 + all updates.

It's worth mentioning that PUTTY never has a problem logging in using the same method.