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Re: Option to have exact timestamp in synchronization

Thanks for your post.

This request has been added to tracker:

Sorry, forgot to login, this feature request is mine.

Option to have exact timestamp in synchronization

Hi Martin, thanks for developing and sharing WinSCP. It is a very powerful and useful software that even in other platform like Linux, I always dream to have the same application (with the same functionality and user interface) in it.

I primarily use the synchronization feature to work with various versions of web application I deploy into various servers. I found in your documentation, that due to FAT limitation you decided to ignore less than 2 seconds difference in synchronization features. What I need for synchronizing the files is to be able to have exactly the same timestamps. Could you please add an option so we can enable or disable WinSCP ignores less than 2 seconds difference?

Thanks and really appreciated if you can implement this in the next release (though I already appreciated your effort for WinSCP).