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osh support

Hey there,

as documented in the last Requrements doc there do exist a problem in connection with winscp 2.2 when using csh, tcsh and other.

I just like to give you the hint, that I do see the same problem using osh (operator shell, v. 1.7).

I was fiddeling around with all given hints in the FAQ, but couldn'd solve the misfunction (eg. disable group look-up, disable alias handling, change base dir, change shell string).
I also added the permission to use the stated binaries in osh.conf (eg rm,mkdir,cp,ls). But no effect.
If you like, I will forward the dump of the online log, which doesn't give more specific info as far as I could see. I haven't looked up the source so ... :x

Error Message:
error skipping startup message

Anyhow, using putty (v053b) is working fine as does bash. :P