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Re: Re: "get -delete" and connection ...

It happened once more -the new log file is attached as well



Thanks! We are looking forward to hear about your findings.


Re: "get -delete" and connection lost results in 0byte file

Thanks for your post.
I'll check the issue.

"get -delete" and connection lost results in 0byte file


We use for our FTP downloads. Recently we have experienced that connection issues in combination of deleting files which are already downloaded results in download of 0-byte files. The original files are not 0-byte files in the remote directory as you can see on the log example, but after a failed deletion it seems that the file is redownloaded after the connection is tried reestablished.

We use following for downloading files:
# Get all files, removing them once downloaded
get -delete *.* C:\EDI\Inboxes\XXX\

Please advice if we can make the winscp to rename the files with a timestamp or f.ex. ignoring 0-byte files ... any ideas are welcome.

log is attached