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Re: Your adserver is showing targeted malware

We have identified the offending ad and blocked it. Thanks for reporting this!

We don't want to show low quality ads on our site!

Dear Guest!

Thanks for submitting the picture! WinSCP does care about the quality of ads shown on its website! Please inform us about an advertiser's destination URL which you consider suspicious, we will review it and possibly block this advertiser from showing ads on our site.

Thanks for your help!

Btw. "" does not seem to be real URL, just an example.

screenie of the first ad that came up bad:

This is the one I see, pretending to be the DL link in the ad frame, that ESET screams bloody murder about.

Your adserver is showing targeted malware

On this site, the page Google brings you to when searching for "WinSCP"

...has an AdWords or similar advertisement frame. The ads I see there are all pretending to be the download link (one of them is just a giant green "Download ->" button), and they are all coming up as links to malware sites. Some of the sites have cute names like "" You are being targeted.