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4.3.7 is fine. I'll try to reproduce the problem myself.

Hi prikryl,

I think I'm using the latest version. I download it two days ago from
I can see there is a beta version. Do you mean this one (5.0.6) or mine (4.3.7)?

This night I'm going to try the 5.0.6 version to check if the bug is already solved.

See you


Re: Shut down feature not working properly

Thanks for your post.
What version of WinSCP are you using? Have you tried the latest?

Shut down feature not working properly


This is my first post on this forum.
I just log in to notify you about an unexpected behaviour on WinSCP (congratulations about it. It is a great software). Yesterday I leave my computer alone while it was uploading some files. I selected "Shut down" on "Once finished" combo box and I went to sleep.
This morning, my computer was still switched on due to that WinSCP was showing the confirmation to close dialog.

Is it posible to shut down the computer without asking anything if user has selected "shut down"?

Thank you very much.