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Re: Same issue

Please read this article first:
If that does not explain your problems, please make sure you are using the latest version of WinSCP.
If that does not help either, post your version of Windows, protocol you are using and describe the issue in more details step by step (what timestamps do you see, what timestamps would you expected, etc...).

Same issue

I am having the same issue as hpicante with Version 4.3.2 (build 1201). On the 23rd and 24th of March (the two days after DST) the file on the remote server is always set to 1 hour later - which means it keep synchronizing these files over and over. When on the local drive the time is shifted to one hour earlier than on the remote.

Please wait for the next release.

Is anyone else having this trouble? I've tried the obvious DST and preserve timestamp options to see what changes, but the problem remains that the date is off by 1 hr on some files so every sync I preform moves GB's of files when only kb's to mb's have actually been changed.

timestamp error

Winscp is changing the timestamp of SOME files when it uploads and / or syncs files. I am using R4.2.8 and running win7 pro on both server and local.

I have several pdf's I'm using as my test. Some load to the server fine, and the others are shifted back by 1 hour, so winscp thinks it has to update those files every time a sync is preformed. This problem happens when using BOTH "adjust remote to local conventions" and "adjust remote timestamp with DST".

The timestamps are display correctly, as in, they show the timestamp the local / remote machine's explorer's display so the problem is that winscp is shifting the timestamp back 1 hr for SOME of the files that I'm moving. I've read about this problem but there is no "fix" on winscp faq's or other support info.