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Re: "Save" when changing settings and not on application exit

I cannot reproduce the problem (with "Terminate the application" step).
Can you give me more detailed description. Also please make sure WinSCP process is finished before you start another instance.

"Save" when changing settings and not on application exit

This is a issue that has some time and is quite annoying but I have been very lazy to report it :lol:

Version 5.0.6 @ Win 7 Ultimate

I use directory bookmarking a lot to change directories faster in a SSH connection, altough they are not saved under the following circunstances.

- Make an SSH connection to the server
- Click "Open directory" icon
- Save an remote directory and/or add several paths that you want to bookmark
- Disconnect from the Network /or/ Lose internet signal /or/ Terminate the application /or/ Hibernate the Machine
- Connect again to the server
- Click "Open directory" icon
- .... and nothing was saved!

They are just saved when you remember to terminate the application with the menu.