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Re: WinSCP as nuget package

Sure, go ahead.
We will take a look at the Nuget to assess feasibility of continuous updates.

WinSCP as nuget package

I would like to suggest a nuget package including WinSCP executables, and upload it to

Purpose: Smoothless usage of WinSCP in projects without requiring pre-installation by the user, and without committing WinSCP executables to version control.

If it is OK, I would like to create the nuget package myself and post it on! Will this be OK? (I know of other cases where non-authors of a project have created a public nuget package including binaries.)

However, I find the best (long-term) solution is to include nuget package creation and upload as a part of the WinSCP project. A first step might be to let me create and upload a nuget package, and later see if there is further demand for continuous updates of the nuget package as the WinSCP project develops further.