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Re: Path mask: files in subfolders (beta vs stable)

The documentation was wrong. I have fixed it. Basically there was not change in the beta regarding path masks.

After some additional tests I can't get the beta to match files in subdirectories using a path mask.

Path mask: files in subfolders (beta vs stable)

Using Windows WinSCP 4.3.7 and 5.0.6 beta portable on WindowsXP.

I would like to fetch all files matching "foo*.txt" in a certain folder, without getting matching files from subfolders.
get /folder/foo*.txt c:\temp\

Using both the stable and beta version, I get the same results and files matching "foo*.txt" in subfolder "/folder/subfolder/" are not returned. But the documentation, section "Path Mask" says the following:
For example mask /home/martinp/*.txt matches all text files within the directory and its subdirectories (in the latest beta release only).

Am I misunderstanding the doc?

Thank you.