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the address bar has improved

I agree that the address bar has definitely improved.

Can I suggest that where you have "copy path to clipboard" you add the option "copy path from clipboard". To be able do this via a simple right click and then select the menu option would be a great improvement. I know it can be done via "open directory/bookmark" but it takes longer and it is a bit more clunky than my suggestion. I'm glad it is there though for the moment. I have several tabs open and I often want to replicate the folder selection on all tabs.

manually change the current folder

One feature I miss from wsFTP is the ability to manually change the current folder by editing the current folder location.

In ws FTP the current location is displayed in an editable field just above the remote host window.

<invalid hyperlink removed by admin>

You can manually edit this field and the folder location will change.

This is very useful if you have lots of long replicated folder names such as:


Using this functionality I simply edit one number and can navigate to a new folder immediately. Using winSCP's breadcrumbs I have to go up and down the folder tree. I have never been particularly fond of breadcrumbs, when I want to go somewhere I simply type or correct the location in the location bar of the browser or even in Windows explorer. It would be useful to be able to do this on WinSCP too.