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Re: WinSCP GUI - Trouble Launching BASH in Windows with cygwin

Should be something like /bin/bash

WinSCP GUI - Trouble Launching BASH in Windows with cygwin

I am having a hard time forcing the WinSCP GUI to set the Shell option to launch cygin\bin\bash. Below are a couple of commands and their debug2 logging response:

Set: Environment->SCP/Shell->Shell: c:\\cygwin\\bin\\bash
Debug2 Log shows: "sh: c:\cygwin\bin\bash: not found"

Set: Environment->SCP/Shell->Shell: sh -c bash
Debug2 Log shows: "sh: bash: not found"

Any ideas on what I should put in this field? Should I be registering some type of environment variable? Should I be using a different type of Windows BASH application?

Using WinSCP V5.0.7 (Build 2268) on Windows XP SP2.