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I'm now on 5.0.7 beta, and when minimized to systray, the reconnection dialog makes WinSCP basically unusable until it times out.

This is especially frustrating if you have more than one tab (connected to different targets) and one of those connections gets cut off --the whole app remains minimized.

Actually, now that WinSCP has multiple tabs/connections, I think it would be better if the connection dialog is done away with.

IMO, its functionality should be incroporated with each tab --until connection is established, you could, for example, display connection info (including the buttons) in the space where the remote's folderview would be.

Re: Freezing when target disconnects

Thanks for your post.
This has been resolved in 5.0.x branch already:

Freezing when target disconnects

When the target machine disconnects, WinSCP does a timed reconnect attempt.

It is good that WinSCP does this.

But, at times the target machine doesn't come back on within that interval, and if you aren't fast enough to click Cancel, WinSCP goes into a freeze until it gives up trying to reconnect.

IOW, the reconnection process is, apparently, application-blocking.

This is quite annoying.

Could you not delegate the reconnection to a thread (or something) so that WinSCP remains responsive to let me press Cancel.

OK, this is a minor issue, but annoying all the same.

Plus, there's very little else --in the way of feature requests-- that I can think of :)

BTW, before I forget, thank you for WinSCP; for making life a little more bearable.