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Re: Cannot access editor after permanent disconnect

Good idea. Thanks! :wink:

Re: Cannot access editor after permanent disconnect

Thanks for your feedback.

Meanwhile, you can connect to another server to regain your editors as a workaround.

Cannot access editor after permanent disconnect

I'd like to thank the creators of WinSCP for this wonderful program. It's been working great for me to edit shell scripts on my webserver.

However, I'd like to report a problem with the UI. When I lose connection for whatever reason (the server went down or lost connectivity), the UI prevents me from accessing the editor windows that are still open.

I know I should probably save more often. And maybe you'll say the editor was never intended as an environment for extended script development.

Still, if you provide the editor, it will be used and people forget to save. As soon as a disconnect occurs, people will remember though and frantically try to save which the UI prevents (cannot save if disconnected). You can't even copy&paste the text into savety because the window is backgrounded. If the server doesn't come back online, all you can do is click "close" and lose the unsaved text.

...which really seems perverse. I mean if WinSCP crashes for some reason and I haven't saved, that's my fault. But if the UI forces me to close an unsaved file myself... that's just mean. :)

Thanks and best wishes