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Re: Can't Login from Workstation

How did you "setup" the keys on WinSCP side?
Do you use Pageant or do you specify the particular key explicitly?
Can you post a full log file?

Can't Login from Workstation


It now transpires that although all keys have been added to the config file (on the server) - only the first key is being used for authentication.

Is there a setting at my end in WinSCP I should be using to look at all keys in the config file?


Can't Login from Workstation


We've just started using WinSCP... it's a great product..

I've got it setup (with script) on our main Data Server (connected directly to our router) and it manages to access and logon to the Client's FTP server. No problems.

I have the same configuration on several other workstations (all on internal LAN) and none of them can login. The message log says "Server refused our key". We have setup the Keys at both ends for each workstation. No passwords are used.

Any ideas why we can't login from the workstations?

Many thanks.