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WOOPS I got it

Solved: I was running ssh server but not sftp server.

I disabled freesshd and instead enabled the sister product freeftpd.

Thanks, self!


Oh, and for this test I have given the connection account access via the freessh gui, and full local admin on the destination windows box.

Can't copy to windows SSH server

I'm looking for a way to script an SSH file copy between two windows servers. I'm using freeSSHd on win2008R2.

I can connect to my server and see the file tree using either winscp gui or scripting, but I seem to have no permissions to browse or create, I get:

Error changing directory to 'temp'.
Permission denied.
Error code: 3
Error message from server: Permission denied

Works perfectly fine using the same connection info via filezilla and putty (but they have no scripting options).

I cannot get pscp scripting to work either, not sure if it is this same issue.

Thanks in advance,