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Thanks for your feedback.

Recycle Bin is disabled on my working drive, so my lost folder is deleted forever :cry:
I have tested on other drive with recycle bin enabled, the lost folder is moved to recycle bin.

For lost file, i couldn't reproduce it also.

Thank you for your reply!

Re: [HELP] File/Folder Lost When Canceling Drag Drop

I could not reproduce this with files. There definitely seems to be a problem when dragging folder. If you drop it on itself, it gets moved to Recycle bin. Please look there.

Anyway, can you please confirm that you have the problem also with files?

anyone? please...

[HELP] File/Folder Lost When Canceling Drag Drop

Today, I wanted to upload my file to my Server using WinSCP.
I Use WinSCP Version 5.0.8 (Build 2438).
Runs on Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1.
My Remote Server Runs on Ubuntu 11.10.
I User 'Commander' Interface.

This is how to reproduce the Bug:
- Connect to my Server (VPS) *not sure if this is necessary
- On Local Explorer (Panel on the left), select a file/folder and drag it a little *just a little
- Drop the file/folder *release the mouse click
- Congratulation! Your file/folder has been transported magically to another dimension...

I wonder where is it now? I couldn't find it anywhere!
I've searched to my Windows Temp folder 'C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Temp' but it's not there!

Could someone generous enough to help me find my file and folder Please...