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[solved] :)


Thank you, at least a no is an answer.

You are right, check file existence before launching WinSCP is the second option.

But as the ETL tool has no "File Existence Check" component and I do not want to use a custom script, I decided to use the /log option of WinSCP and to keep the log file only when the step fails, which will allow me to distinct "missing source" issue from other ones (one of the many third options).

Great software by the way


Configuration : WinSCP 4.35

Re: How to ignore File or Folder Does Not Exist (put)

Just do not run WinSCP is the source file is not there.

[solved]How to ignore File or Folder Does Not Exist (put)


I launch with a script option in a Process Task in an ETL tool.

In the script there is a put command. Sometimes the source file will be there, sometimes not. When the source file is missing winSCP returns 0 and the Process Task fails.

How to ignore if source File or Folder Does Not Exist (put) and still returning 0 for other errors ? Is there an option to do this (like -delete which is able to remove the source file) ?

Thanks for your help

a+, =)

Configuration : Winscp 4.35