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Is there a way of doing this using /via command line as I need to automate my get.
Can you also enforce active mode via



Connect to a specific folder ?

Hi there !

I'm connecting (with IE/FF or Chrome) on a certain ftp with this URL : ftp://XXXXX:21/public
The access is anonymous, but with WinSCP I don't manage to connect to it, and the problem is simple, I can't specify a specific foler to connect to :/
With my navigator, if I only use the URL : ftp://XXXXX:21 I have en error message because the root folder is not accessible via an anonymous access, so can I configure WinSCP to connect anonymously on a specific folder ?

Thanks in advance for your answers :)

(ps : sorry if my description is bad, I'm Belgian...)
(ps2 : Im using WinSCP 4.0.3, yeah this version is old as hell but I'm affraid to lose all my saved sessions if I upgrade to the last version :/ of course if you are 100% sure that I can update my client without losing my stored sessions AND that this is the only way - cause 4.0.3 version don't do it - tahn just tell me ^^)