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After trying many different FTP client I finally found a .NET API that supports that feature.
It's not free though :|

Re: FTPS Implicit mode with certificate

WinSCP does not support client SSL/TLS certificates.

AFAIK, neither Filezilla does.

FTPS Implicit mode with certificate


I'm sorry as it seems to be a basic question but I cannot find how to specify my certificate file for connecting in FTPS implicit mode.

I have actually the same problem in any FTP client (in filezilla for example, you can choose implicit FTPS mode, but where do you specify you certificate file ?)

My requirement is that I need to interact with an FTPS server through C# code.
Currently we are manually uploading/downloading files using a cmd line FTP client called MoveIt.
command line looks like:
ftps -user:XXX -password:XXX -e:tls-c -z "-ccn:XXX(cert friendly name)" -natact:XXX(IP) 990

// Setup session options

      SessionOptions sessionOptions = new SessionOptions
                                                        Protocol = Protocol.Ftp,
                                                        FtpSecure = FtpSecure.Implicit,
                                                        HostName = "xxx",
                                                        PortNumber = 990,
                                                        UserName = "xxx",
                                                        Password = "xxx"


I've been trying to play with the SslCertificate and SslHostCertificateFingerprint but never got it to work (I always get an error about reg exp not respected).

Any help would be very much appreciated