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Directory/File mask

I have a local directory D:\FTP\User\Outgoing that contains a subfolder Archive (D:\FTP\User\Outgoing\Archive) and 2 files, a .txt and a .flg

I am running WinSCP a the command line with a command file. I change into the outgoing directory and I just want to upload the .txt and .flg but when I say put *.*, the Archive directory is included. I am confused on how to exclude the Archive directory.

Thank you! That one worked!

I went over several times trying to figure why forum/files/ wasn't working. Looking at it again, it is still not clear why */forum/files/ works and forum/files/ does not.

File mask for excluding folders from synchronization

I'm running WinSCP 5.1.0 (Build 2625) on Windows 7 64-bit.

On a synchronization between local folders and a server I am trying to get it to ignore the directory "forum/files/", as in I don't want it to sync any files or folders that are in that directory. I have tried adding these filters to the file mask but it doesn't seem to be working:
| forum/files/*; forum/files/; forum/files*/; forum/files*/*/

Can someone please help me find the correct file mask to exclude "forum/files/" from synchronization?