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sftp with windows ssh server

I'm trying to find an encrypted (free) solution to transfer files between Windows XP and W2K.

I have found the solution from
<invalid link removed>
and It works correctly between client (winxp) and server (w2k) with the command line.
But it's not working with WinSCP.
It returns :
"Can't detect command return code."

Here is the log :
. WinSCP Version 2.2.0 (Build 122)
. Login time: jeudi 30 janvier 2003 14:29:56
. --------------------------------------------------------------------------
. Session name: administrator@amgr-test-w2k
. Host name: amgr-test-w2k (Port: 22)
. User name: administrator (Password: No, Key file: No)
. SSH protocol version: 1; Compression: Yes
. Agent forwarding: No; TIS/CryptoCard: Yes; KI: Yes
. Ciphers: blowfish,aes,3des,WARN,des; Ssh2DES: No
. Ping interval: 0 sec (0 = off); Timeout: 15 sec
. SSH Bugs: A,A,A,A,A,A,A,
. Proxy: none
. Return code variable: Autodetect; Lookup user groups: Yes
. Shell: default, EOL: 1
. Local directory: C:\, Remote directory: home, Update: No
. Clear aliases: Yes, Unset nat.vars: Yes
. Alias LS: No, Ign LS warn: Yes, Scp1 Comp: No
. --------------------------------------------------------------------------
. Looking up host "amgr-test-w2k"
. Connecting to port 22
. Server version: SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_3.4p1
. We claim version: SSH-2.0-PuTTY-Local: Jan 26 2003 11:53:20
. Using SSH protocol version 2
. Doing Diffie-Hellman group exchange
. Doing Diffie-Hellman key exchange
. Host key fingerprint is:
. ssh-rsa 1024 cd:42:5d:2f:ef:da:da:2a:bc:9a:54:3b:e2:c3:16:3b
. Initialised zlib (RFC1950) compression
. Initialised zlib (RFC1950) decompression
. Initialised Blowfish client->server encryption
. Initialised Blowfish server->client encryption
. Keyboard-interactive authentication refused
. Sent password
. Access granted
. Opened channel for session
. Started a shell/command
. --------------------------------------------------------------------------
. Doing startup conversation with host (shell).
. Skipping host startup message (if any).
> echo "WinSCP: this is end-of-file:0"
< Microsoft Windows 2000 [Version 5.00.2195]

< (C) Copyright 1985-1999 Microsoft Corp.
< (AMGR-TEST-W2K) C:\Program Files\NetworkSimplicity\ssh>"WinSCP: this is end-of-file:0"

Can you help me ?