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Re: Performance issues with 80,000+ files.

This bug still exists in 5.1.1.
It is enough to accidentally enter directory with 4k files for UI to hang for a while.
If it is too complicated to fix this bug maybe a warning could be introduced:

|                       Attention!                        |
| You are trying to view directory with many nodes!       |
| It may take a while. Are your sure you want to do this? |
|                                  | OK |   | Cancel |    |

Re: Performance issues with 80,000+ files.

Thanks for your post. This issue has been added to tracker.

Performance issues with 80,000+ files.

I accidentally wandered into a folder that had at least 80,000 files in them. The download of the file names understandably took a while. What took significantly longer and chugged 100% CPU, though, was waiting for the UI to get around to displaying the list of items (I'd say roughly 7 minutes of waiting). Then, when I backed out of the folder, it took about 3/4ths the time it took to display the items in the folder (chewing 100% CPU the entire time - another 5 minutes). I know I shouldn't be opening that particular folder up with WinSCP, but it would be nice if the app. were more responsive (perhaps with a "Cancel Operation" button).