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VBA(Excel) .bat check back, pause/resume

Dear WinSCP.

I would like to know how to do a .bat check back to see if the file transfer completed correctly and pause vba until the transfer has completed.

The details are:

Windows Vista sp2,Office enterprise 2007

Version: 5.1.4(2020),Protocol: FTP,Encryption: TLS Explicit enc.

The .bat file works correctly:
cd C:\Program Files\WinSCP /script=upload.txt

The script file works correctly:
open upload
synchronize remote

I am aiming for something like this:
checkback = false
Shell "C:\Users\******\******\*****\homepageupload.bat"
(I need a check back and to be able to pause VBA(excel) while the script is running)
Loop until checkback = true

Many thanks