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Because they are available for a limited time. No downloads per day means removal and this website's attach option failed miserably.

The bug you claimed to have been solved with the checkbox turned off/on for optimize buffer are not working with Sun-SSH2.1.0 or any non-recent SSH unix/linux implementations.

I have scrapped WinSCP completely unfortunately from our .NET solution and using pscp.exe from PuTTY works flawlessly with any SSH 2.0 library. There are a lot of threads regarding Fatally failed errors messages for big files that occur both in the GUI and .NET assembly with the latest build(s) - tried many, including 4.x versions - from unix to windows transfers.

I wanted to offer you some help in identifying the cause. All I can say now is that the bug still exists and for machines that can't be upgraded using WinSCP will fail.

Re: .NET Assembly and WinSCP 5.1.5 Fatally Failed SCP half-way

The links to log and image do not work. I'm going to remove the links.

.NET Assembly and WinSCP 5.1.5 Fatally Failed SCP half-way


After searching, digging up old threads, trying multiple WinSCP versions, options and so on I still can't make this work:

I am trying to use the WinSCP .NET Assembly in a C# Winform App to automate the copy from some LAN UNIX Servers. However all of them mostly fail after they copied 100 of files of varying size.

I can't use the GUI version as well with optimise buffer connection on or off, same result.

log file: <removed broken link>
graphical error in winscp gui: <removed broken link>

After developing in C# to fully support WinSCP I am officially stuck. Help please!