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Thank you.
My problem is solved in the version that you have send me (5.2.3 (Build 2941))


This bug has been added to the tracker:

I'll send you pre-release version for testing to address you have used to register on this forum.

Thanks for your answer. I do one "GET *.xml" in my script. But the MLSD is executed for every single file that is transferred.

In the attachment is the complete session log and the script.

I tried it in 5.2.1 Beta too but that behaves the same way.


Re: implicit MLSD's added

This should happen only, if you issue separate get for every file. Not if you download them in batch. Do you?

Please attach a complete session log file.

implicit MLSD's added


I am using a WINSCP script with FTP protocol. It GET's all files in the root folder of the FTP server.
It works OK, but with more than 100 small files it gets pretty slow, only a few per sec when there are 1000+ files.
Looking at the logfile I found that after each file that is transferred, an MLSD command is send to the FTP server. It is not in the script. The wait time for the response from the server is the cause of the major slow-down.

Is there any way to avoid the MLSD's? I tried both active and passive session, but it makes no difference.

Edit: I use Winscp 5.1.5