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You are welcome. Thanks for your donation!

It took a long time but finally - thank you so much for 5.7! :D

Re: Synchronization checklist needs direction and delete options

Thanks for your suggestion.

This request is being tracked already:

Synchronization checklist needs direction and delete options

Sorry if this has been posted before. I even thought I had done so and got a 'nice idea' comment from Martin some years back, but could not find such a post. So here it is again:

I just tried 5.22, and although it is a big step forward, the 'Synchronization checklist' misses some expected and useful options:

- change sync direction

- delete file

I regularly need these, and as they are not found here I have to exit the checklist, clean up the mess, start the sync again, repaet the whole thing as I forgot one or two files...until finally I can run the 'normal' sync process.

Adding these two options by a right mouse click on a file and by two more buttons to the right shouldn't be a big problem, and will have the checklist (the sync function) on par with other sync tools (that OF COURSE always have such options available).