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Hi Martin,
Correct, I have "calculate total size" turned off.

I did try the setting to on, and the percentage shows properly then, but I usually have it off and it still shows when transfering more than one file.


5.2.x beta - Not showing progress percentage of transfer

using the latest betas in the 5.2 series, specifically 5.2.3 I have noticed the progress % indicator does not work when transfer of a file is going on. The percent just stays at 0% during the transfer. Only one line of progress is shown.

However, the percentage works when more than one file is being transfered. So I am guessing this is the total transfer progress - but this is not very useful when copying just one large file.

I have tried with 5.1.6 and it works as expected there, showing two lines, one for total and for each file.

See attachment for screenshot.

Windows Server 2008 R2
RHEL 6.4 x86_64
Winscp 6.2.3 beta.