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Re: WinSCP rembering session states when told not to

martin wrote:

You need to turn off session setting Remember last used directory:

Now I feel like an idiot. I always get past the login screen as quickly as I can... I keep forgetting there are options there!

Many thanks.

Hi, some more info.

I exported my INI file and saw the session info at the end. It IS saving my session info everytime I disconnect a session - the directory information is showing the last directory I was in for that session.

WinSCP rembering session states when told not to


This might be easier with a little background into how I'm working with the software. I have a number of sessions saved to quickly access domains of a certain category - they all connect to the same server, however. Example would be as follows:

2 sessions saved as ".com" and ".net". Each one is meant to start with the relevant website open in the dev area and live server, but if I have a file I need to upload to both I can navigate between them without switching sessions. The sessions are saved as the root of the websites.

I have the option "Remember Panel's state when switching sessions" unticked - however when I close a session and then open WinSCP again later on, it remembers where I was when I closed the program - so if I was logged into the .com session and ended up navigating to .net/htdocs/images, it will end up opening the .com session with this folder open, instead of the root of the .com site. It seems like it's saving the session every time I quit.

I hope that is clear... probably not. I can try and clarify further if needed.

Technical stuff:

WinSCP v 5.1.4
Windows 7
SFTP protocol
GUI - Commander
No errors.

I don't remember what version I used before when my laptop was running XP (this problem has only started since IT upgraded me to Windows 7 and rebuilt my machine and reinstalled everything) - but a colleague is using 4.2.7 and isn't having this issue on his XP laptop, I would assume I had the same version. It's a company laptop so updating software probably isn't an option...