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This has been resolved. There is something wrong with the server setup.

Does anyone know how I can directly access the file path by any chance?

SFTP and folder access


I am using command line and trying to access a SFTP location and can't access it when I specify the folder.

I tried:
open sftp://userName:password@host/file/path:60022

and it doesn't seem to work and I get the following error:

Searching for host...

Network error: Connection timed out.

This works:
open sftp://userName:password@host:60022

Then I type in
cd /file/path

which returns

However when I do a ls, all I see is:
winscp> ls

Dr-xr-x---   0                         512 Sep 23 13:16:14 2013 ..

This is not right as I know there is a file in the folder and thus the folder change didn't work.

I know the folder structure and the file exists as I've cross checked it with another client. Please advise.