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Thank you for your advice. All I had to do was to switch off "Run as Admin" feature, without tinkering with compatibility mode.

W8.1 - drag&drop workaround

I've had this issue since upgrading to windows 8.

I found a work around which resolved the issue on my machine.

Navigate to winscp.exe (or relevant shortcuts) and
right-click Properties -> Compatibility.

Select "Run this program in combatibility mode for:" "Windows 8".

Make sure that "Run this program as administrator" is NOT selected.
(this one got me for a while, seemed counter intuitive).

Save and restart winscp.

Dragging into winscp window from desktop or explorer works now.

Good luck,

W8.1 - drag&drop

Hello there,
I am unable to upload files using drag&drop. I am using Windows 8.1, and WinSCP 5.2.5

What should I try? I have drag&drop switched on with shell extension.