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Holding down Ctrl allows "copy file to remote directory"

This may also be on your wish list.

I can move a file on the remote machine by dragging it to a new directory on the remote machine. A window pops up saying "move file xxx to remote directory:".

However it would be great if I could hold down the 'Ctrl' key and the Icon changhed to a '+' and then I could drag-copy a remote file to a remote directory. The pop up window would then say "copy file xxx to remote directory:"

Thanks again

Louis B.

Re: Right Click "Duplicate" alows remote Duplication of File or Directory

It is on the wishlist alresdy. Unfortunatelly SFTP protocol does not allow file duplication anyway. So it may be possible with SCP only.
Louis B.

Right Click "Duplicate" alows remote Duplication of File or Directory

Hi All,
Added a feature remotely duplicate a File or Directory by right clicking on the file/directory and selecting "Duplicate" would be awesome. (At the moment I have to copy the file/directory to the local file system and then rename the file/directory before sending it back to the remote site.)

This is a fantastic piece of software.
Louis B.