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I'm not a CVS expert, but AFAIK, you must use 'ext' protocol, not 'pserver' do any changes on SF CVS. For additional help, please contact SF support. This is out of scope of this forum.

i read the documentation but i don't understand
i have installed tortoise
right click inside a folder then
cvs -> make new module
Now i used this parameters

port: ?
repository folder: myProjectName
user: my sourceforge user

I press ok then i have this error

In C:\DOCUME~1\AMMINI~1\IMPOST~1\Temp\TortoiseCVS make new module temp\: C:\Programmi\TortoiseCVS\cvs.exe -q import -m Sourceforge tcvs-vendor tcvs-release

cvs import: CVSROOT ("")
cvs import: requires a path spec
cvs import: :pserver[;keyword=value...]:[username[:password]@]host[:port][:]/path
cvs [import aborted]: Bad CVSROOT.

Error, CVS operation failed

I need more help

As I have wrote already, use CVS client to access your repository. I use Tortoise CVS.

Read documentation on the topic.

the for help but i need more info

i can use putty or winscm like a clinet but i don't undertand how to connect to my cvs repository
The question is, which is the url of my cvs repository?

Inside putty i must write the host name or ip address, but i don't know it
can you give it to me?

Re: Sourceforge connection

Browse CVS is web-based CVS reader for source code of your project. It has nothing to do with your home directory. You must use CVS clint to upload the soruce code.

Sourceforge connection

I use winscp to connect with sourceforge cvs

I use: this parameters
port: 22

I connect succesfully to my directory
I put inside this directory my source file, then i go to and i click on link Browse CVS
I don't see my file.

Where i wrong, i use a incorrect hostname?