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OK, thanks for clarification. Will see if more people ask for this.

Hi Martin,

Sorry for late response, I totally forgot about this forum.

This was the idea: ability to right click on folder and select option "mark this folder" and it will offer some basic colors to mark that folder (as displayed on picture). So, I should be able to manually mark folders with color. Altough, some automatic marking is not a bad idea too.

Re: Mark folder with color

Thanks for your suggestion.
So you want to have configured list of folders with colors that get recognized in file panel and highlighter appropriately? Or do you see some rules that make WinSCP recognize and highlight these automatically?

Mark folder with color


First thing: I use WinSCP for some time (instead of FileZilla), and I think it is fantastic FTP client.
And today I was working something on hosting with bunch of websites folders on one place, and many folders has similar names. An I got this idea: this could be useful feature:

<invalid hyperlink removed by admin>

My graphic skills are quite poor, but you got the picture:marking folders (with color) so they could be easily distinguished in huge list of folders. This is especially useful when user needs to access some folders often, so he don't have to search it all over.

Just one of my ideas, maybe it is not very good, but there it is, I had need to share it with someone :D