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Re: Unable to upload file with directory path

There's no simple command-line to do this. How would you tell WinSCP what part of a local file path should get reflected in the remote path. I.e. that the Main Folder should not be created, while Subdirectory 1 should.

The only way is to tell WinSCP to "upload" whole E:\Main Folder, but use file mask to exclude everything in the tree, except that one single file.

Unable to upload file with directory path

I want to launch winscp.exe when a new file is created to upload the file to a remote ftp. I want to do it through simple coomand line ("winscp.exe [mysession] /upload file1 [/defaults]") so I can open and close a Winscp instance everytime a file is created.

If the file is located locally at "E:\Main Folder\Subdirectory 1\Subdirectory 2\File.doc", I need it remotely at "\share\Backup\Subdirectory 1\Subdirectory 2\File.doc", that is, I need to also create the subdirectory tree at the remote folder.

I've been trying for hours with no success. Can anybody point me in the right direction?

Thank you.