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Re: scheduled task stops working - Windows Server 2008 R2

It's likely this bug:

Please upgrade and restart your server.

scheduled task stops working - Windows Server 2008 R2


We have encountered a situation where a scheduled task which was functioning properly stopped working. The output from the script (a date and time echo'ed from the start and end of the script) demonstrated that was still being called but it was doing nothing and generating no output.

This was after the scheduled task had been running for approximately 30 days every 10 minutes 24 x 7.

Additional info: we have the exact same task setup on Windows Server 2003 and it never has this issue. It has been running for years every 10 minutes 24 x 7.

So this makes us suspect it is a Windows Server 2008 R2 issue? Perhaps a .NET issue (is there a recommended version we should have .NET at)?

The beta version includes a new parameter /newinstance. Anyone have experience with this? i.e. is it reliable/problematic?

I suspect that /newinstance might be helpful as a reboot was required to get the scheduled task working again even though the exact same script run as the same user as the scheduled task was still functioning correctly prior to the reboot.

Any help/feedback is appreciated.