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Re: Easiest way to implement a black hole (automatically move)?

I suppose you mean a local "back hole", right?
You can setup a frequent scheduled task (batch) that tests an existence of a file in the directory. If it finds any, it starts a WinSCP upload script. Should be easy with resources you find on this site.
Start here:

Easiest way to implement a black hole (automatically move)?

Hi guys,

I hope this hasn't been answered too many times before. I've tried finding a good solution but the ones I found didn't look optimal - and the ones that looked optimal were using the .net assembly, which I have no idea how to do myself ;)

So - does anyone know how to do this simple task?
1. When a file or directory is copied/moved into the black hole, transfer it to another host via ftp
2. If the ftp transfer is successful, delete local file
3. (optional) If there's an error, send email.

Help would be awesome! :)