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I took the following steps to delete apps on iPhone permanently from my iTunes library. I use a MacBook Air and iTunes 11.0.04:

Open iTunes
Go to the Library drop down box
Select Apps
Click on individual app, press delete and hit enter
Confirm decision
Read more about iPhone Data Eraser here.

Re: iPhone user-delete Categories folder-Apps dissapeared-

You should better seek help on iPhone-related forum.

Yes, i'm having the same issue about deleting apps from iPhone. i can't even delete them on my MacBook in iTunes. and on the old system, i could delete the Apple originated apps like Game Center and Stocks (for which i've never had a use).

Any help would be great appreciated!

iPhone user-delete Categories folder-Apps dissapeared-

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I tried to install a theme ( Eveything was fine, until I created a "Categories" folder. Then I thought I was going to mess things up, so I deleted.

I respringed iPhone and some apps (Phone, Messages, Safari, App Store, etc) were crashing.

I deleted this file "/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/" and then my apps went missing (those which were crashing).

Then I start researchin in the winscp and I had some sortcuts in the <root> folder. Such as bar, etc, and some other. /var now is inside /private (don't know how), and as I said, I have a /var shortcut in mi root folder.

Then I created a new folder in the root one, called "Applications" and I copied all the crashed apps. Respring, and they appear now, but crashed, all of them.

The ones tat do not crash, are some apps inside /private/mobile/applications
And there are a couple of folders with names like 456JDSKFKSL35MDSJSD, and inside I have the "Weahter" and some other folders. So this kind of apps, do lunch.

No idea what happened. I think I made a mess with copying and movin things. Right now I can't lunch some apps, they crash, and I don't know if this is because I have something like 3 different Applications folders, or if it is that the /var is not the mother folfer but a shortcut, or what!

Can anybody help me?

I restore from previews backups, but nothing happened, the still crash. I don't want to restore from factory, as it will install the 4.1 firmware, and I don't think this one has been jailbrake already.
My WinSCP version is the 4.2.9
My Windows is Vista
My iPhone firmware is 3.1.2

Thanks in advanced,