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Unfortunatelly it does not happen to me, however I believe I'll resolve this. Thanks for your information.

I have the same bug.
In my drop down menu are: (in order in which they appear)
-My documents
-C: Disque local
-D: Lecteur CD

This bug appears when clicking on "Desktop" and on "My documents", but not on "C:" and "D:".
The error box is displayed twice (I click on the "OK" button once, and then the dialog is displayed again, so I click again).

Re: bug in 3.6.6 (intl)

Thanks for info. Can you tell me all items that you see in the local drop down menu?

bug in 3.6.6 (intl)

When choosing Desktop from the left (local) dropdown menu I get this error:
Assertion failure (D:\Martin\Knihovny\Komponenty\Filemanager Toolset\IEPathComboBox.pas, line 240)