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Re: Trouble with Scripting command

In WinSCP (as opposite to e.g. Windows command-line FTP client), there's no distinct connection and authentication steps. So, you have to specify your credentials in open command.

Trouble with Scripting command

I'm having issues figuring out how to script Winscp to connect to my FTP server. I know I must just be missing something simple but I'm not able to see what it is.

I have an FTPS with an Implicit encryption that I'm wanting to script connecting to and uploading / Downloading a specific file. I'm trying to get it connected first before I move to the automation part, however typing "winscp.exe ftps://<ip>:990 /implicit" prompts for a username, but never actually hits my server that I can see.

If anyone could help step me through winscp I would appreciate it it. This is the first I've ever tried to use it.