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Re: WinSCP TSQL Script Issue

If the problem is about starting a .bat file, it does not seem to be relevant to this forum. Please consider asking on or similar.

WinSCP TSQL Script Issue

Hey everyone,

my .bat file that opends a .txt file works fine when i doubleklick it or start it with a cmd window. But when i try to start it with XP_CMDSHELL in TSQL nothing happened. I have created an trigger that should sync 2 folders after an insert / update was made. Well the insert / update is fired and i got my callbacks (so it works fine) but the sync is not working. I called it like this:
SET @cmd = 'sync.bat'; exec xp_cmdshell @cmd;

Well as i said i read the documentation and so on. Everything works fine except starting the .bat file from tsql / xp_cmdshell.

Anyone can help me?