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Re: "connection reset" viewing large directories

I'm not sure, that this is fault of WinSCP. "connection reset by peer" message means that it was not client who closed connection.

"connection reset" viewing large directories

I have SSH-1.99-OpenSSH_3.4p1on a Linux machine and told a Windows user to use WinSCP2 to access it; I think he has version 2.0.0. and is using a dialup line across the Atlantic (maybe 150ms trip).

He was getting very annoyed because evey time he tried to access a directory with 500 files the program disconnected with a message "connection reset by peer".
When I try winscp2 via NAT from my cable modem it seems OK. I normally use OpenSSH on Linux and have never had any similar problem.

Has anyone seen this problem ?
Is it fixed in the latest version ?

(please email if you know)
Andrew Daviel